Thursday, 15 July 2010

"Austere times...?" - Barnet Press; Barnet Bugle audio and video

The Barnet Bugle has provided audio and video of news coverage of the Barnet council Cabinet and Leader allowances scandal. Thanks, Barnet Bugle (the blog is run by Daniel Hope, a former Tory councillor).

The Barnet Press, which you can pick up in your local Barnet library, has extensive coverage of the story. Its front-page headline is
Austere Times...? As councillors vote themselves a big pay rise – in the name of ‘transparency’ – we asked for council leader Lynne Hillan (whose pay is going from £34,909 to £54,227) to explain it a bit more. The answer? No comment.
The main article is here; union comment - "Unions’ disgust at pay rises as council workers face job losses" - here; the fate of Kate Salinger - "Tory councillor is punished for her stand against ‘immoral’ pay awards" - is reported here.

An editorial comment condemns the Tory councillors. The Barnet Bugle has that as well (it's not on the Barnet Press website, as far as I can see).

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Jaybird said...

You need to turn to page 9 before you will find anything in the Ham and High