Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Coleman pepped up over potholes

The Times series (what would I do without them?) reports:
The cabinet portfolio for the environment, which covers highway maintenance, was ...placed in the hands of Councillor Brian Coleman, who claimed his priority was going to be “roads, roads, roads”.

The first step seems now to be the setting up of the new “pothole elimination programme”, which aims to deal with the remaining potholes on principle [sic] roads by July 31, and all others by the end of October.

Cllr Coleman said: “This push means motorists will no longer need to navigate potholes on the borough's principal roads.

“I want Barnet residents to go about their business safely and smoothly.”

He said on average, the council repairs 1,000 potholes each year, a figure surpassed by the end of January.
The "pothole elimination programme", or PEP for short. I feel a series of puns coming on.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, he said "Roads, roads, roads, AND ROADS." It was his only comment in the Barnet Council press release.

He also told a public meeting in February, "I have no faith in our Highways Department. They get every scheme wrong. They do not know what they are doing."