Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ostriches on Sunday

The Royal Parks apart, I don't know a finer London park than Golders Hill Park.

Its attractions include a deer park, butterfly park, zoo and bandstand. The cafe, though a little pricey, is very nice and there's an ice cream stall. The grass is like a thick pile carpet to walk on.

It's fairly quiet on Sunday morning, mainly dads taking small children out. It gets busy in the afternoon, but is still quieter, I reckon, than heaving Hampstead Heath next door.

This morning I got to stand beside an ostrich and admire its quivering, plump body stuck full of enough ostrich feathers to adorn a hundred ladies' Sunday hats.

The park is owned and maintained by the Corporation of London. One way or another, they make enough out of us, so go and enjoy it while they are still "giving something back"!

"Frankly, my dear, it looked better on the bird."

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