Monday, 19 July 2010

You're in trouble now, Brian - the Express weighs in

The Daily Express (far from being my favourite newspaper, but still...) has weighed in on the Barnet Cabinet and Leader's expenses scandal with a diatribe against Brian Coleman, and councillors in general.

They get confused between councillors and Cabinet members in the passage below, but it will still be extremely uncomfortable reading for the Tory party, both the variety that we have here in Barnet and the variety that lives in 10 Downing Street! It's good to see the sheltered housing wardens issue getting attention as well.

Barnet, which this year increased allowances for its councillors from £17,454 to £27,580 and that of its leader from £40,893 to £47,027, was revealed earlier this year to be one of the lousiest councils in the country for carrying out adaptations so as to allow disabled residents to continue living in their homes – with residents waiting more than five years.

The council has also done away with full-time wardens at old people’s homes, instigating instead a system of roving wardens who cover the whole borough. Councillors defended the scheme by promoting it as pioneering and an efficient use of money.

But now it seems some of the money saved will simply be disappearing into councillors’ pockets instead. It is extraordinary that at a time of severe financial constraint a council which promotes itself as a super-efficient flagship authority can be awarding itself pay increases.

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Anonymous said...

I am so used to the Express headlining extreme weather predictions and anti-muslim stories that I am surprised and delighted it has shown some wisdom for a change.