Thursday, 8 July 2010

It just HASDA be...

Engaging in another pointless, time-wasting exercise only made possible by the invention of social media, viz voting online in the election for Birkbeck former student governor, I came across the excellent Freaky Trigger blog, among whose editors is Peter Baran, a former Birkbeck student (not necessarily a guide to who I voted for - but a reasonable clue).

The blog has a great series on the top 25 pubs of the noughties. I loved this contribution by Peter on the Head of Steam/Doric Arch (HASDA) at Euston station. I occasionally drink here as it is where NUJ London freelance branch repairs after meetings at the Friends (Quaker) Meeting House on Euston Road (any irony there?).

Peter's description of Euston station is excellent. What a line:

the slightly overgrown concourse of what may well be Euston Square has become slowly inhabited by swish looking portakabined Nandos and the like. It is like the Harlequin centre in Watford had sent its food court on holiday, with Krispy Kreme and Banger Bros missing the return train.

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