Friday, 27 August 2010

Bring back Question Time!

Not that annoying BBC1/Radio 4 programme, that's never gone away. But Barnet council public questions at Cabinet meetings. Since October 2009 we have been severely limited in what we can raise as topics at these meetings. We are confined to the Cabinet's own agenda, which is often highly technical and is lengthy - we simply don't have the time to read through and see whether our questions would be eligible.

Barnet council, since they changed the rules, have effectively ended Cabinet public questions as a means of residents holding the council to account.

But I have begun some investigations into how we might reverse the rule change to Bring Back Question Time! Watch this space...

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baarnett said...

"Anyone who reads the Council's websites will see that under the delegated reports section there seem to be a number of consultants contracts being let, all of which relate to Future Shape.

"One of the latest is the Implementation Partner contract valued at in excess of £500,000."