Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Join Ted (Edward) Meakins' official Facebook group, and challenge Barnet Homes' callousness

There are a number of Facebook groups supporting Edward Meakins' campaign to stay in his home. Please join this one, organised by Mr Meakins' great-niece Sharon Keep:
This looks like another campaign that we can win, since the press coverage is massive (even if the content is not always that great), and Barnet Tory group needs bad publicity like it needs a hole in the head right now.

Just when they thought Allowancegate had died down, another front opens up against Lynne Hillan. And Barnet Homes. Let's not forget that the true villain of the piece here is Barnet Homes, the arms-length company to which Barnet's council housing has been transferred. Arms-length companies - in case you didn't know, they are Barnet Tories' preferred option for running Barnet easyCouncil...

The contact page for Barnet Homes is here. There is no general email address given for enquiries, unfortunately. Councillor Helena Hart is the Conservative councillor on the Barnet Homes board. I suggest you contact her with any views on Barnet Homes' treatment of Mr Meakins - contact details here.


baarnett said...

You can also read about eighty-three year old Lynne Hillan, of New Southgate, on the "Broken Barnet" web site.

Anonymous said...

Pensioner Edward Meakins thanks those supporting him in struggle against Barnet Homes to hold on to his house of 74 years in Cricklewood