Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Support the Tubeworkers to support your Tube service

So the RMT Tube workers have voted for strike action against job losses - 800 planned across the network, particularly affecting ticket offices and leading to many closures.

As a friend of mine said to me last night, prepare for a wave of anti-Tubeworker bigotry in the press. The point lost on papers such as the Evening Standard is that fewer Tubeworkers means a worse service. When Tubeworkers go on strike to defend their jobs, they should have the support of the public.

If the public were to contact TfL or their local MPs, or the Mayor of London, or the government to protest against the planned job cuts, perhaps they would not go ahead. Perhaps the government would find other ways to save money, and preserve the service.

It's a service that the whole of London, business particularly, benefits from. Why can't we unite to make it better? Answer: we can.

To find out some more background, and hear the Tubeworkers' case, visit the Staff Our Stations website of the RMT union, and prepare to back the Tubeworkers. The RMT - it's not just Bob Crow, you know (although it is partly Bob Crow!).

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