Monday, 16 August 2010

Lean on me... but not too hard

The London Daily News, a bizarre "news" website which spins Barnet council stories in favour of the Tory regime, has a lovely take on Lynne Hillan's "spectacular U-turn" (Times series) over councillors' allowances.

The LDN headline (no, they don't employ a subeditor) is:
Hillan "overall cut to the budget for member’s allowances of around £95,000."
And there's a truly cringe-making picture of Lynne Hillan literally leaning on Mike Freer, her forerunner as Barnet council leader, now MP for Finchley and Golders Green. In fact, Mike Freer has not been very supportive of Hillan throughout this whole episode.

I don't know how old this picture is. Lynne looks happy, perhaps as she tries to shore up her political career. To judge by the disgusted look on Freer's face, it could have been taken about five minutes ago.


Mrs Angry said...

Tee hee ... I think one up for the bloggers of Barnet, eh: even the invisible ladies?
As to the LDN story, what a laugh and blimey,interesting body language - do you think Hillan has an unrequitable thing going on for little Mike Freer? Bless.

Citizen Barnet said...

I'm thinking Monstrous Regiment of Women Bloggers, something like that. I know a couple more ghastly old harridans, sorry, lady friends who might join.

Mrs Angry said...

Do you think that sounds genteel enough for us girlies? Will the Guardian approve?