Saturday, 21 August 2010

Times series' irritating audio adverts

Every time you click on the Times newspaper series website at the moment there is an irritating audio advert - for a prep school, what is more!

Sometimes people have good reasons for not wanting some sound suddenly blurting unbidden out of their computer - sleeping babies, eg.

Times series, please drop this kind of advertising.

Advertising is so obtrusive, we are often not consulted on what we will wear and what we won't. For example, the video adverts projected onto the side of the Tube tunnel - to avoid watching them, you have to look at your shoes. Or the boring video adverts that hem you in as you go up some escalators. To avoid looking at them, you have to narrow down your field of vision in a most unnatural way - staring at the people travelling down the other side!

With adverts on television, at least you have the option of switching over or leaving the room - here we are a captive audience and have no such choice. To all those that sell advertising, before you invent "new and innovative" ways for people to flog us goods and services, why don't you find out what the involuntary consumers of advertising think of it all?

The commercialisation of public - and now private - space has got out of hand. Times series, plesae don't add to it.

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