Monday, 16 August 2010

Senior Barnet Cabinet members face destitution

When Lynne Hillan and her Tory group pushed through the changes to councillors' allowances that saw senior Cabinet members getting massive rises (you mean Allowancegate - Ed) there was uproar among the people of Barnet.

Defending her corner in an interview with the Barnet Press, Hillan said:
"The new system only allows for one allowance, and doesn’t mean a councillor suddenly loses or gains more money overnight – councillors have mortgages to pay and families to keep as well."
Now that Hillan has been forced to back down on the changes, the prospect therefore looms of senior Cabinet members becoming destitute. Have a heart! It behoves us all to show generosity at a time like this.

If you see an indigent Lynne Hillan or Brian Coleman round your way, slip them a fiver, check in the larder and see whether you haven't a Fortnum and Mason hamper going begging.

(It ill becomes me, this sarcasm, but I think you get my drift! Congratulations to Rog T on getting the scoop. What shall we win next?)

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