Friday, 24 September 2010

Attempt to smear the trades council is laughable

If you read my blog yesterday you'll have had advanced notice of this feeble attempt to smear the trades council in the Times series.

I'll repeat here the comment I made on the Times website:
Ladies and gentlemen of the Times series, I can't believe that you dignified this "story" with column inches/webspace. A pathetic attempt to smear the trades council over what was at worst a misunderstanding in the organising of a public meeting that was, in the event, a great success.

The timing should have made it completely obvious to you that Coleman was trying to distract from the public meeting last night - 200 plus residents and workers against Barnet council's cuts and privatisation agenda.

I think it was your press night, but you did not send a journalist to cover that - the Barnet Press did. Instead, we get this, frankly, crap. I'm embarassed (once again) to be in the profession.

Vicki Morris
Barnet TUC publicity officer and NUJ member
And here is yesterday's post, getting my rebuttal in early! My prediction was utterly correct.

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