Friday, 17 September 2010

Join the army: the Barnet army of armchair auditors

When he was standing against Lynne Hillan for leadership of Barnet's Tory group on the council, Mark Shooter said:
The choice that you face... is a stark one. ...It is between:

A closed and secretive approach [yes, he was talking about Lynne Hillan] battling all and sundry who want to expose waste and bad play at the Town Hall and my leadership that wants to fling open the windows and let the disinfectant of sunlight pour in and an army of armchair auditors find savings to help us in our task. An administration who treats the public with contempt [yes, he was talking about Lynne Hillan] and my leadership who wants to harness the passion and energy of our residents to give us great ideas to make Barnet a better place.
Did he mean it? We'll never know, since he wound up voting full confidence in Lynne Hillan at the council meeting on Tuesday 14 September. But whether he did or not, I like the idea and I have unilaterally appointed myself recruiting sergeant for the Barnet army of armchair auditors. Please let me know if you would like to join or, to signal your interest, simply post our absurd insignia to your blog/Facebook page/Twitter stream, etc. (That's how we do things around here.)

(This is the cheapest Friday night I've had in a long time.)

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