Friday, 10 September 2010

Psst! Wanna buy a used street market?

I couldn't help noticing in the Hendon Times today an advert for Watling Market in Burnt Oak. Yes, that's right, a whole six day a week market is up for lease, by the council.

A history on Wikipedia of Burnt Oak says of the market:
In 1936 Watling Market opened with a hundred covered shops and stalls.
Bloody hell, how times change. I've never made it down there when the market is open (Saturday mornings and shopping have never gone together for me) but I've seen it at other times, and it is in a bad way.

If ever an area was in need of some Big Society plus some serious redevelopment money, it's the back of Burnt Oak.

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Anonymous said...

Other boroughs would have probably have done that regeneration by now.