Wednesday, 8 September 2010

GLA: Tories scupper another ticket office debate

I mentioned yesterday that the Tory members on the GLA had scuppered a previous debate about the proposed job cuts on London Underground, by walking out to make the meeting inquorate. Well, they've done it again! This morning the Assembly was due to discuss the issues posed by the mayor's plan to cut 800 jobs, and the Tories walked out again.

Brilliant. Very mature handling of the dispute that nearly brought London to a halt yesterday.

I also mentioned a protest by disabled rights groups. They believe that fewer staff on stations will make it harder for disabled people to use the Tube. There's a picture of their protest on Tory Troll's blog. (It features a friend of mine!) I wanted to get down there this morning and take some pics, but I was, frankly, too knackered. Politics is fun, but it wears even me out sometimes. (Imagine how Barnet Tories are feeling, then!)


Rog T said...


What did you expect, sensible, honest discussion?

vickim57 said...

No, but they could at least have sat there yawning and picking their noses.