Sunday, 26 September 2010

I'm not saying the Daily Mail is reactionary, but...

I have a ready stock of mother-in-law jokes, but they are only for my own amusement. I really don't care that Barnet council's equality and diversity advice (advice, please note) to staff includes "don't diss mothers-in-law".

The press has been all over Barnet council in recent times, and deservedly so, but this is one exposé I won't be bruiting (good word, that). The Daily Mail is a reactionary paper, that can't wait to slag off asylum seekers, equalities reps, equal pay legislation, anything, basically, that manifests or seeks to narrow the differences that exist in people's lives due to their race, age, gender, sexuality, etc.

I know the Mail would argue that they want to reduce the power of the establishment to interfere in our lives, but I don't see them calling for reductions in the coercive apparatus of the state any time soon. For example, they are quite happy to see brutal detention and deportations of "failed" asylum seekers, including children. Yes, nice libertarian people, the Daily Mail.

The whole mother-in-law thing, as well, overlooks the fact that women's lives (as well as men's), the way women turn out, is shaped not by nature but society. Women are constructed into mother-in-lawhood - they are not born that way.

Sorry, I've had a "sense of humour" bypass this morning. Or perhaps I've just got PMT.


Rog T said...

Odd really how there is no such thing as a "father in law" joke.

vickim57 said...

The Coleman's Got to Go blog has this
Witty and apt, as ever.