Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Will Hillan be finished off by Shooter or Harpoon?

So, Lynne Hillan won the vote at the Tory group tonight (I'm only reading this on the Times website and on the other blogs - I've no inside knowledge!). But the vote was close. The high vote for Brian Schama as chairman of the party (he lost 18:19 to Wendy Prentice) after he wrote the rudest possible email to Hillan shows how deeply divided Barnet Tories are.

And Rog T reckons that Andrew Harper will step in to unite the two sides and emerge the real winner in a few weeks time. Rog knows more about, er, most things than me; he must have good information to make him say that.

So the saga goes on to next Tuesday and the confidence vote at the council meeting. I really can't see Shooter's supporters not voting against Hillan in that vote, now that the situation in the party is revealed as so rancorous. I don't know what the real Barnet Conservative grassroots thinks, but I'm sure they'd just rather it was all over soon than caring how!

P.S. Yes, that is the unkindest headline I've ever written. I'm ashamed of myself, but inside every journalist lurks a tabloid journalist. As one woman to another, Lynne, I don't mean it quite as bad as it sounds.

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