Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Connaught workers: do they have a job or not?

The local papers are reporting that Connaught workers doing council house repairs for Barnet Homes, made redundant when Connaught went bust, have got their jobs back. But the picture is scandalously unclear. Yes, the unions had a meeting with Lovell, who are taking over some of the Connaught contracts, and with Barnet Homes this morning. And they were told they would be taken back on.

Some of them, Unison members, attended the lobby of the Barnet council meeting tonight. They wanted to talk about their experience. While they were there, their union rep received  notification from KPMG, the receivers, that they do not have jobs.

I don't know the situation at the moment, but they were shocked and upset to be treated in this way. Barnet Homes should take the workers back on now. It is a scandalous way to treat workers. And meantime council house repairs are going undone.

Connaught workers at the lobby of Hendon Town Hall, 14 September 2010

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