Saturday, 4 September 2010

Don't cut our services! Don't privatise our services! No to easyCouncil!

We (trades council and friends) revived our public stalls today. We had three this morning, in Burnt Oak, High Barnet and central Finchley. I think the attitude against the Tory administration has hardened since I last did a stall in Burnt Oak in the spring.

Business was brisk in Burnt Oak. There were four of us personing the stall; we also went up and down the shops in Watling Avenue asking the shopkeepers whether they would display our advert for the lobby of the council meeting on Tuesday 14 September (6-7pm, Hendon Town Hall, NW4 4BG).

We are going to need many more such stalls and mobilising of the residents, encouraging them to DO SOMETHING about what many are unhappy about. People lack confidence that they can make their views heard. I felt more than ever before that whether one enjoys doing such activity or not, it is vitally necessary now. There is no alternative to getting onto the streets, talking to people, and convincing them that unless they actively resist, services will be cut and/or privatised, their living standards will fall, and the area they live in will be degraded. (Burnt Oak, much as I like it, is already no oil painting.)

Knowing this made it a lot easier to motivate myself; actually, it is no harship at all to talk to fellow Barnet residents. I learned some interesting stories of things that are going on in the area, and among the council workforce, since many council workers live in the area.

Next stalls: Saturday 11 and Saturday 18 September, Burnt Oak, High Barnet and central Finchley, from about 10.30 till noon; and also Golders Green tomorrow, and Sunday 12 and Sunday 19 September. If you want to help out or know more, come by the stalls or email


Anonymous said...

If you're doing Goldrs Green, you might try a stall on a Sunday on Brent Street Hendon next to the HSBC bank. Shooters home range

vickim57 said...

Thank you for the tip. I'll tell the people doing that stall.

Anonymous said...

I forgot, the spot by the closed down pub opposite is just as suitable,