Sunday, 31 October 2010

The adults strike back

Walking to the Tube this morning I saw this crazy doorway. Gosh, I thought, they must really dislike Jehovah's Witnesses, before remembering it is Hallowe'en.

A whole industry is developing to cater for the needs of adults who want to get back at trick-or-treating children. I wonder what the sweatshop labourers of China think of it all, as they churn out more and more baffling and decadent lines of plastic goods. If they organise trade unions perhaps, one day, they will be rich enough to indulge in such undignified behaviour themselves.

It's too early in the year for bah humbug, isn't it? I confess, this year I have created my own fright mask to scare away anyone who ventures up my garden path.

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