Sunday, 31 October 2010

LFB plays tricks on FBU

The London Fire Brigade summoned the FBU to talks today, Sunday, to offer them... nothing new of substance. It's hard to know why they bothered.

So tomorrow's strike is still on, 10am-6pm. Please visit a fire station if you are able to go, and show your support for the firefighters, threatened with the sack a month from now if they don't agree to new contracts.

If you're not convinced of their case, go anyway and ask them all about it.

The Sundays have been full of the most lurid tales of firefighters working as models and so on and commuting from Spain, in a desperate attempt to get the British public to hate them as much as we hate Brian Coleman. It will take a lot more than that.

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vickim57 said...

The Fire Brigade Union executive member for London, Ian Leahair, said this evening:

Nothing new was offered by the brigade representatives. The LFB seem to have called this meeting because they wanted to be seen to do something, but did not want actually to do anything.

This comes on top of week in which our employers have been putting out regular smear stories about their firefighters. It has been a bitter and hurtful campaign waged by LFB spin doctors to try to discredit the men and women who keep London safe.

We can find a compromise on shift patterns. But there's no compromise on sacking all our members. Withdraw the sacking letter, and we'll find a way through on shift patterns.

Yours in unity