Thursday, 28 October 2010

Brian Coleman's inside leg measurement

With just days till the lobby of Barnet council on Tuesday 2 November (6pm, Hendon Town Hall), I am hard at work making props including a Brian Coleman guy. Someone quipped tonight that I might have trouble finding enough stuffing. Someone else suggested I shrink my ambitions and make a voodoo doll (apparently, she has one - something to do with Coleman trying to sack her pregnant sister and then run her over - I'll have to check that one: sounds a bit OTT, even for Brian Coleman).

Anyway, I think I have found the place to buy an outfit to dress my guy: Gold's Factory Outlet - "the Big Red Building on Golders Green Road (as advertised on LBC News)".

"BOGOF," the website proclaims (That's "Buy One, Get One Free", let me remind you - not Coleman's catchphrase).

"Gold's believe they can fit anyone." Not sure if they will find room for Coleman's ego, but with "a huge variety of sizes, up to 72 inch chest and 62 inch waist" they should, just about, be able to accommodate his girth.

As Barnet ephemera goes, the history of Gold's is pretty interesting too. Read about it here.

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