Monday, 25 October 2010

Brian Coleman: the grinch that stole bonfire night

Brian Coleman's intransigence in his dealings with London's 5,600 firefighters, threatened with the sack if they do not accept new contracts, has meant that bonfire night will be cancelled this year. And Diwali too.

The firefighters' union, London region FBU, has quite reasonably told Coleman and the London Fire Brigade that they are not prepared to work over two of the busiest days of the year with such a threat hanging over their heads.

Thus, they will not be at work from 10am on Friday 5 November until 9am on Sunday 7 November.

Obviously this will be a sore disappointment to people who have been piling up old wood for a bonfire and buying fireworks. Myself, I was very much looking forward to sending my guy up in flames.

However, there is still time to save bonfire night. Email Brian Coleman to express your disappointment and urge him to withdraw the sacking threat to London's firefighters:

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Mrs Angry said...

Can't we sack Coleman and keep our firefighters? Just a thought.