Friday, 22 October 2010

Support London's firefighters tomorrow!

London's firefighters will hold an eight-hour strike tomorrow, Saturday 23rd October, from 10am, in protest at the plan to sack them all if they do not accept new contracts. They are inviting Londoners to visit them at fire stations when they walk out at 10am. A fair number of firefighters will also go on the march against cuts organised by the RMT and the firefighters' own union, the FBU.

The march assembles at 11am at the RMT's head office, Unity House, 39 Chalton Street, NW1 1JD, which is close to Euston and St Pancras stations. Map here. It is marching to a rally at TUC Congress House in Great Russell Street.

Greg Edwards, the FBU rep for Barnet, says:
Please feel free to visit the fire stations. Strike is due to start at 10.00hrs on Saturday and there will be a main picket at Hendon Fire Station where we are expecting an AssetCo run private fire engine to be based.
AssetCo is the private company given a £12 million contract and 27 of our fire engines in order to try and break the strike. The chief executive, John Shannon, wines and dines Brian Coleman and gave him a £350 Harvey Nichols hamper. We are so blessed in Barnet that everyone wants to shower gifts on our councillors - and they never expect anything in return.

A list of the 27 stations where it is expected that AssetCo will be operating, and which will, therefore, have pickets tomorrow is available on the London FBU website.


Mrs Angry said...

I would like to ask a question: don't know if anyone can answer - does Assetco get paid extra if called in during a strike, or does the contract cover all eventualities?

vickim57 said...

I don't think AssetCo are getting any extra money. I have a leaflet from FBU today which doesn't suggest that they are.

They are paying a few people (about162? 27 engines, 6 people to each) to run fire engines when the strike is on. I'm guessing they pick up the bill for that.

vickim57 said...

A bit more on AssetCo.

They might not make much money on this particular contract when it's finished, but the AssetCo chief executive John Shannon (this info is from an FBU leaflet) has paid himself a salary of £300,000 and plans to add a dividend of £400,000 this year - that should keep Brian Coleman in Harvey Nichols hampers for a good while to come.