Friday, 1 October 2010

In your dreams

The week I've just had, I need a laugh. I'm not sure this topic qualifies, but at least it's something approaching fun.

I had some strange dreams recently, and I resorted to a dream dictionary I bought a few years ago. I suspect that the same dream dictionary has been handed from one small publisher of esoterica to another over the decades (if not centuries), appearing in various editions with more up-to-date cover illustrations, but still, basically, containing the same text, the same dreams. Hopelessly old-fashioned when I bought it 20 years ago, imagine it now.

Hoping for something more up-to-date, I looked on the internet, and, lo and behold, here is that same dictionary again, republished for an electronic age, but the same text, the same dreams: Dream Dictionary (10,000 Dreams Interpreted) by Gustavus Hindman Miller.

If you want to know the meaning of your recent dream of geese, as a sample, you are in luck, for Herr Miller can tell you:
Geese: To dream that you are annoyed by the quacking of geese, denotes a death in your family. To see them swimming, denotes that your fortune is gradually increasing. To see them in grassy places, denotes assured success. If you see them dead, you will suffer loss and displeasure. For a lover, geese denotes the worthiness of his affianced. If you are picking them, you will come into an estate. To eat them, denotes that your possessions are disputed.
If, however, you want to know the meaning of your recent dream of meerkats, I'm afraid you are on your own. Herr Miller has no entry for such a modern cultural phenomenon as a meerkat, unless you want to look for a near equivalent. Meerkat = otter?
Otter: To see otters diving and sporting in limpid streams is certain to bring the dreamer waking happiness and good fortune. You will find ideal enjoyment in an early marriage, if you are single; wives may expect unusual tenderness from their spouses after this dream.
Perhaps not.

The world Herr Miller inhabited certainly seems to have been more poetic than the world we inhabit (same world, but different time, obviously). But it makes for a very frustrating read today!

I made a short list of things that I have dreamed of recently, that clearly require interpreting, but that did not exist (or were not widely known about) in Herr Miller's time:
- Japanese knotweed
- rapidly ascending elevators
- running in the Olympic Games
- finding myself backstage at Glastonbury with a man who wants to swap passes with me
I did hint that I had had a difficult week. What troublesome symbols do you need interpreting?


Rog T said...


I had a bizarre dream about a work colleage driving myself and all of the people I work with in a double decker bus, the wrong way up the M1. When he realised, he did a Starsky and Hutch handbrake turn and headed for the nearest exit which had been sealed off by the police. He was really worried that they might spot him (as we were the only bus in the traffic queue).

Mind you it was pretty exciting stuff

vickim57 said...

Guilty conscience?

Karl-Marx-Stra├če said...

I had a nasty dream about a forthcoming union meeting. I don't think that needs much interpretation.

What does Old Moore's Almanac say at the moment? What *is* the best time to go shopping / buy lottery tickets / visit the GP in the current moon phase?

I would seriously enjoy reading a copy of it, assuming it's still being published. The normal man's (though, without wanting to resort to sexist stereotypes, let's be honest, -the normal woman's) "Perspectives by Ted Grant"). The adverts always used to be great.

vickim57 said...

Guten abend, Herr K-M-S. Wie geht's?