Friday, 15 October 2010

Seconds out, round two, Or: The sheltered housing wardens battle rejoined

There's a great article in the Barnet Press today, "Residents promise to do battle once more to save homes wardens". It features David Young of the UK Pensioners Strategy Committee, based here in Barnet.

Dave says:
“Barnet Council, under the leadership of Lynne Hillan, is putting sheltered homes – and not only in Barnet – at high risk.

“It is going ahead with its plans to remove wardens from sheltered homes, and councils across the UK will be watching Barnet closely.

“If, God forbid, Barnet succeeds, other councils will follow and it could mean the demise of sheltered homes along with the wardens throughout the UK.

“We will not weaken. Everyone here is getting nervous, but we won’t roll over – our solicitor will be challenging this.”
Sachin Rajput, cabinet member for adult services, says:
“We need to look at the ways in which we are providing services and ensure we are providing them in a fair way – it will be extremely challenging.

“...My personal view is that we should spend the money that we do have on the people with the greatest need.”
What, such as elderly people, do you mean, Mr Rajput?

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