Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Guardian: easyCouncil costs more than it saves

Today's Guardian reports how easyCouncil has so far cost more than it has saved.
The Conservative-controlled north London council has committed to spending £1.5m this financial year on a much-hyped reform programme to help close a yawning budget gap, but it is on course to recoup just £1.4m in savings in the year.

The council's funding shortfall is set to hit £15m next year, and the borough has tried to innovate through its "One Barnet" programme. This includes paying to develop a system of "life coaches" to persuade residents to reduce dependence on the state, appointing business consultants to help town hall officials and even opening a library in a branch of Starbucks in a pilot which could result in the closure of some library buildings.

The programme is budgeted to deliver savings of £13m a year by 2014, about a third of the total cuts planned by the council. It had been projected to save £3m by the end of the financial year, but Lynne Hillan, council leader, has now admitted the savings will be less than half of that.
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S Curry said...

This Site belongs to Vicki Morris good freind of "The Loser Mill Hill Lib Dem candidate/Brian Coleman Stalker" Roger Tichbourne! Below are some of his collegues they should all be executed for their sick crimes.

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Lib-Dem Councillor (Malvern Hills/Worcestershire), Michael Angell - Convicted in 2008 on 11 counts of possession of indecent images of children, which he stored on the laptop computer provided for him by the council. Fined £2,5000 plus costs and given a 6-month suspended prison sentence by the judge, who described the Lib-Dem nonce as “a dirty old man”

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vickim57 said...

I'm bored now, but I'll say it again...

The comment above belongs to Stephen Curry, a prominent BNP member, who demonstrates more clearly each passing day how politically deranged he is.