Thursday, 21 October 2010

Brian Coleman, slum landlord

At tonight's Barnet council cabinet meeting Brian Coleman called Grahame Park, Stonegrove Park and West Hendon Estates "disgusting slums". Since he is a prominent member of the Cabinet with responsibility over these neglected parts of the borough, that makes him a self-confessed slum landlord.

These places are in need of regeneration, but the briefest acquaintance with them will tell you that they are full of decent people leading perfectly respectable lives; and they really aren't that bad places, either!

The reason they wait so long for regeneration is because Barnet council - like most councils in the land, and like the government - is wedded to the idea that regeneration can only happen when a private developer sees sufficient of a buck can be made there.

In his diatribe against "social housing", Coleman said "the market will decide". This is the same Coleman who lives in a low-rent house courtesy of the Methodist Church. Meanwhile, Barnet residents fester on the housing waiting list or make the best of living in rundown conditions.

The Labour Group was attempting tonight to get the Tory administration to agree to a review into the potential harmful effects of the recently announced cap on housing benefit, and other measures against social housing declared today as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Barnet will lose money and Barnet residents could be made homeless by the new measures, some of which even Tory London mayor Boris Johnson opposes. Lynne Hillan has already written a few lines to Eric Pickles on this issue, but in public, tonight, she couldn't resist being partisan, and rejected the chance to do something manifestly sensible and in the council's interest. She wouldn't commit to a review at this stage. What's she waiting for? More shit to hit the fan?


Moaneybat said...

My apologies for dishing out uncouth and venoumous language.

Sorry, did you say that the dumpy poison dwarf Coalman, lives in a house courtesy of 'alms' given by the Methodist Church. Does he desrve such christain charity?

Does he forget that Grahame Park was the vision of one Horace Cutler of the GLC before Livingstone. Does he forget that all three "slums" were built under the Toryrists of Barnet (formerly Hendon) and, did he forget one or two mini-slums near, in, and around his ward.

It's time whenever we meet up in public places with slum dweller Landlord Coleman, we let him know what we think of scum for a human being that thinks he is middle -class. Man, one can't buy class.

S Curry said...

Areas are only slums because the people living there make them that way, It's not Brian Colemans fault if people want to sit on their arse all day smoking crack.
It's not Brian Colemans fault that the previous Socialist Govenment overwealmed us with immigrants with no Jobs to go to leaving crime,benefits and exploitation the only option for them to survive.
Vicki your no socialist you don't know what hard work is and you certainly are not in tune with working class folk like myself your a fake.

vickim57 said...

Everyone, please excuse the fact that Stephen Curry of the BNP is posting comments here.

It's not my fault that he's bitter and twisted and his whole politics is based on hating 85% of his fellow man (the rough proportion of non-white people in the world).

I could delete his comments, but I'm happy for him to condemn himself out of his own mouth.

It's up to others whether they want to engage him in 'debate'. All I'll say is that anyone who sides with Brian Coleman against the citizens of Grahame Park and then pretends to be a friend of the working class has clearly broken their political compass.

Moaneybat said...

Slurry Curry,

Do I infer from your defence of the Coleman, that Mr Brian Coleman is in the wrong political party.

Your Island Nation's history of immigration following invasion, came the Celt from across the sea, came the Romans, came the Anglo-Saxon(North and South Germany to you) Vikings (All menner of you) and the Norman/vikingar. Then you forget what your forefathers going back to Elizabeth l did, to bring you into the 20th century.

Curry, somewhere in your title is your lineage surely you should be complimentary about the origins of Curry. My grandmother was a 'Curry' who emigrated to India during the reign of Empress Vicky. You don't mind if I call you "Cousin" (shame on me) I've come home like the countless others before me, together with the immigrants who make the UK a more tolerant and compassionate nation where 3 out of 4 Nobel prize winners are immigrants. What have you got, 'cousin'?